Monday, October 22, 2007

Stacy Schoolfield Rules

1) She has one of the kindest hearts I know.
2) She loves unconditionally.
3) She tries to take care of everyone else before herself.
4) She remembers everyone's birthdays.
5) She loves Zen just as much as me.
6) She sends thank you notes.
7) If I tell her someone's down or hurt she'll remember that and ask about that person a few days, a few weeks, a few months later.
8) She's fragile. And she's tough.
9) She's a sucker for dark chocolate and red wine.
10) She's adventurous.
11) She's an awesome mom.
12) She's super smart.
13) She's a gifted writer, photographer and filmmaker.
14) She's a kick ass friend.
15) She sticks to her guns.
16) She's not afraid to talk to anyone. Or at least she doesn't let on to it.
17) She reminds me of what's important in life.

Happy Birthday Ms. Schoolfield!!!

1 comment:

stacy said... that explains all the emails today...thanks pal!