Friday, October 05, 2007

The Office

I love our new office. It's in complete disarray. Very messy, disorganized, bare. But that's ok, soon we'll be hauling in set furniture, props, windows, dolly tracks and we'll make it a room full of magical moviemaking. Today we found the perfect office desk for our "worker". Exactly what I had in my head. I continue to work on my shot list which is long and ambitious and nutty, but I don't care. New ideas and images keep finding their way to the surface. It's gonna be cool. Or at least if it's not cool, it's gonna be fun to make.

It was a day of errands for me and Stacy. Costco, Mopac Media, KXAN, The Austin School of Film with an itty bitty bit of time for writing in there on Spider. Off to see my boy who I miss like mad these days.

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