Thursday, October 11, 2007

No More

A month and a half ago I put in my notice at Cycorp. As of today, that month and a half have gone by. In three hours and 18 minutes, I'll say goodbye to "day job hell" and spend the rest of the afternoon with a friend from Houston, my Ann Richards' girls and storyboarding with Greg.

So yeah, that's it. No more making and bringing coffee for anyone. No more expense reports, travel arrangements, filemaker. No more fixing the copier because someone loaded paper incorrectly. No more stuffing junk mail about Human Resource Seminars and CIO Magazines into mail slots. No more ordering office supplies or making fancy name tags for visitors. No more sending reminders to people who can't learn to remind themselves. No more ordering and picking up lunches for anyone but myself and probably Stacy. No more "Good morning, Cycorp, this is Kat." No more spreadsheets that don't involve film. No more generic walls filled with calendars, reminders, lists and white paint. No more lugging cases of sodas, ice and snacks from my car into a small kitchen without anyone to help. No more senseless "projects" that involve organizing proposals that date back to 2000 that take up a ton of time and then get forgotten about. No more filing cabinets overflowing with licenses and applications. No more staring at a pegboard full of posters and information sheets about "Employee Rights". As the great Mary J. Blige said, "No more".

I will miss most of the people I've met in my 4 1/2 years here. God, has it been that long? First impressions are always wrong. I stepped into a foreign world of Artificial Intelligence computer "geeks" and eventually discovered a group of sweet, awkward, shy, wonderful human beings. That's all I'll miss about this place. The people. They've been good to me. And for that, I'm very grateful. So for those of you from Cycorp who have discovered my blog, please keep in touch. Be brilliant and do things you love. In most of your cases, you already are. I was the odd man out in this group. But for those of you who are still yearning to be set free (you know who you are) ... Go. Run. Fast.


kelly rae said...

kat, my heart is swelling with pride. you did it!

celeste said...

oh my. it's amazing how much that sounds like the job i just left! congratulations.