Monday, October 08, 2007

My Tired Little Eyes

Last night was a huge success. Big DVD Release Party full of friends, old and new, students, kids from high schools that I've talked to, guidance counselors, the SIMS Foundation folks, the mental health community, film friends, cast, crew, family, nieces and nephews ... It was pretty wonderful. Never enough time to talk to everyone, but just seeing all of the faces that I love and adore in one huge space was great. Stacy, Paul Conrad, Sturge, Scott Bate, Tai and myself stayed long after everyone had gone and spent an hour or two, just chatting and relaxing. I needed that. I'm hung over from lack of sleep and too many Diet Cokes, but I'm glad that it's over and it was a great success. It's funny because I thought, "whew, that's over". And then this morning a million "to dos" popped into my head now that we have the DVDs to sell. It never stops. It never ends.

And we have a short to work on. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Go team THE WORKER!!!


Natalie said...

wow, I just stumbled on this. It's nice. =]

Bryan P said...

So sorry I missed the party, Kat. I've been sick for about a week... with pnuemonia of all things. But, congrats on a great kick-off to the release... and your first check!