Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Go Fall Weather Go!!!

Yesterday was the first cold day in Austin. I savored every bit of it. Got to wear layered clothing at last. Was anxious to run my hands under warm water throughout the day. Spent some time at Book People browsing. This morning I bundled up for a cool brisk run through Hyde Park.

One of my favorite falls ever was the time after my ex and I split up. The months that followed were magical. The time hanging out with my friends, not worrying about anything but my own sanity and well being. Long walks, hot baths, late nights playing 4-Square or taking trips to the country to look at the stars, reading tons of books, falling in love. So every time fall hits, I think of that time. So I'll relax and enjoy not being tied down to much besides teaching, which I feel privileged to be doing. Try to get back into that "take care of myself" mindset. Balance and play.

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