Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Films at the Austin Film Festival

Lots of friends have films playing this year. If you have a badge or pass or are headed to see films this week/weekend, here are a few to put on your list:

Weekend Junkies (Enrique Garcia/Feature Film)
Friday, 10/12, 11:30pm - Lake Creek Alamo
Sunday, 10/14, 12pm - Lake Creek Alamo

Paper Balls (Nathan Christ/Short Film)
Friday, 10/12, 7:30pm - Dobie
Monday, 10/15, 9:30pm - Lake Creek Alamo

A Yeti in the City (T'chaka Sikelianos/Feature Film)
Friday, Oct. 12th, Midnight - Dobie
Sunday, Oct. 14th, 9:30pm - Arbor

The Anatomy of a Frog (Sarah Dowling/Short Film)
Saturday, 10/12, 7:15pm - Hideout
Monday, 10/15, 7:15pm - Hideout

Grammy's (Bryan Poyser/Short Film)
Sunday, 10/14, 2pm - Hideout
Thursday, 10/18, 5pm - Hideout

Muertas (Ryan Williams/Short Film)
Saturday, 10/13, 4:15pm, - Stephen F Austin
Tuesday, 10/16, 7:15pm, - Hideout

Trick or Treat (Mitch Collier/Short Film)
Sunday, 10/14, 12pm - Stephen F Austin
Tuesday, 10/16, 5:15pm - Hideout

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kat -- Stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say thanks for including my film on your AFF-Films-to-See. :) I know it was 8 months ago, but it's one in the morning, and it touched me.

So thanks!

(The Anatomy of a Frog)