Thursday, September 27, 2007

Striking Gold

Mark and I hit it big tonight. We ducked in to a fairly large, fairly well stocked video store to see if they had the new season of The Hills on DVD. I won't even bother to defend that. So anyways, we walk in to a massive going out of business sale. Everything has to go. And it just happens to be the first day of the big blow out. We walked up and down the aisles, gathered huge stacks in our arms. Criterion Collections, Double Discs, Out of Prints ... I started with a stack of 12 and then put back things like Ginger Snaps and instead took away George Washington, Our Song, Last Days, Gerry, Academy Shorts and Nobody Knows. I defended my purchases "for use in the classroom". Wasn't sure how to defend Ginger Snaps besides the fact that it's such a friggin' awesome movie.

Now as I sit here and write this, Mark is pulling the video store stickers off of his DVDs and wiping the boxes down with Goo Gone. He's VERY proud of his new copies of Happy Together, Strangers on a Train and Nostalghia.

Our dilemma coming home was, "Do we tell our friends?" Or do we wait a few days to see if we can go back and get that hefty foreign section that no one seems to have touched yet? But Mr. Hadley, Mr. Hrasky and Mr. Volk will flip if we don't. So yes, the email has been sent. The secret information has been forwarded. Over and out.

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