Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mid-September Updates

This week is kicking my butt. First week back at school. JOB DVD inches away from getting out the door. Overcommitted myself to speak to several high schools. Trying to get in gear for the short we'll shoot next month. And hang out with the boy. Whew.

The one thing that's kept me solid and focused over the last few years has been slipping. I went from running 5 days a week to running about 3 to 4. And busy weeks like this, sometimes only 2. But I'm happy that the weather has turned slightly and we're heading into fall. Yesterday I went to work super early and the cool air sent that "I gotta put my running shoes on" feeling up my spine. I'm anxious to not have to wake up at 5am to pour through subtitles so I can get back to feet pounding the pavement. I need it. Badly.

In other news ...

JOB DVD - Very close. Subtitles almost done. I know Stacy's learned a ton cause she's the one doing them, but I've learned so much by just proofing them. What gets italicized, what gets in parentheticals, what gets put on two lines, one ... Also building the chapters, the few extras, pages, fonts, sizes ...

CLASSES - The new Script to Screen class is packed to the gills with an eager, hungry group of first timers and a few who've been around the block a little. They're all wide eyed and full of questions. Our first class went over almost 45 minutes. The Advanced class is a hodgepodge of former Script to Screeners and Teens. What will be most interesting, I think, is the collaboration between the older and the younger. So far the interactions and comments have brought side splinting laughter as we read through and workshop the scripts. We're gonna have to keep them in line for sure if we're gonna get anything done. But with that said, it's gonna be a hell of a fun time. I head to my first day of the Ann Richards Film Club today. I have 20 girls. I was supposed to have 12. Yikes.

FOA - Finished a decent version of the first act. Heading into the beginnings of the second act. We have some guest speakers coming in this week to talk about their experiences teaching at American Youthworks.

THE WORKER - This is the short film we'll shoot in October. We hold auditions next week. I've crewed up for the most part and need to dive in to storyboarding and figuring out my shots. I need to set aside a good several hours to pour through it all. I just haven't had a chance to block off that kind of time just yet. This weekend. Hopefully.

MISC - The Heroes in the Fight Awards Ceremony was pretty wonderful. Like Stacy mentioned in her blog, it's beyond words to say what an honor it's been to work with and be embraced by this community.

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