Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Living at Flight Path

Spent most of the day, minus a 2-hour meeting at Arts and Labor working at Flight Path. Living off of trail mix and Diet Cokes. I tend to run into a lot of friendly faces here ... Kate Stryker, Mike Dolan, Ryan, Lee, Bryan Hadly ... and I see a lot of the "usuals". I've been busy getting ready for classes which start up this Saturday. Wow.

Jillian and I spent some time yesterday at the Ann Richards School for their After School Program Recruitment Day. I got to see Sophia, Candice and Persis from the Summer Film Camp for Girls. They got all excited because I was screening their films at my booth. It was pretty cute. I'm hoping a few of them sign up for the Film Club.

Gotta go home and sleep now.

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