Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Websites, Blood Shot Eyes and Project Proposals

After a spell of insomnia, I skipped the work out this morning. I guess I missed some juicy gossip and major lunges. I might be up late again with my tired, bloodshot eyes and weary brain. After a long meeting with Christian Raymond about the Ann Richards Film Club I've been hard at work with Stacy on web stuff, artwork stuff and now I'm about to work on a proposal I want to get out the door soon. If I have to look at html any longer, I might rip my hair out.

We suck because we were supposed to go to the Screen Door screening and see Bryan and Chris' shorts. Alas, we're still at Zen working, working, working. That's us, workaholics. So Bryan, I'm sorry, we're lame.

Alas, the big article should be coming out tomorrow. Check out your nearest Austin Chronicle stand.

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Bryan P said...

No worries. A filmmaker's work is never done.