Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Summer Film Camp for Girls - Day Three

I spent the afternoon with Group 1 shooting their short Soft Premium Plus Tissues (or something like that). I can't count on 4 hands how many takes were messed up because of laughter. Stephanie's face was red with tears streaming down at one point. She couldn't keep her camera steady because of it. I wasn't sure whether to be upset with them for being so far behind or laugh right along. I decided they could finish up tomorrow. Little Sarah who's going into 6th grade this year, is one of the weirdest kids and one of the most endearing kids I've ever met. With her super white buck teeth, freckles and bleach blonde hair. I played the "Director" and she played my "Assistant". The girl cracked me up so bad, I kept messing up my own takes, bellied over in a fit of giggles. I think it's a safe bet to say they're all having a really great time. Girl's Camp RULES!

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