Saturday, August 04, 2007

Summer Film Camp for Girls - Day Five

The sadness of last days. It was the last day of camp yesterday. Lots of friendships made. Lots of candy and snacks eaten. Several cool visitors (Katherine Willis, Jen White, Nevie Owens). Lots of random questions. "Do you like country music? Have you ever been to Indiana? Do you know Tony Spencer?" I'll miss it badly. The girl's did amazing things in just 5 short days. I'm floored at their creativity, intuition and follow through. Today we'll screen their films for their parents and families. I'm excited to see their reactions to seeing their projects on a big screen. I'm gonna miss our girls so much!

New Projects are just around the corner. In fact just in an hour, Stacy and I start a new collaborative project with some of my teens. Gotta go make copies at Kinkos now.

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