Monday, August 13, 2007

Salad Bowl

Mandy and Victor came into town for a "Ryan Welcome Home" party at Kurt and MVs. That's right, Mr. Cox is back! So, it was a night of total geekdom. After binging on Meredith's yummy artichoke dip and pistachios, we played Salad Bowl. This is a game that Mandy introduced years and years ago. It's been a silly, stupid staple at dinner parties and get togethers ever since. Basically everyone puts 5 names into a bowl. They can be people you know, characters in a book, in a movie, sports heroes, kids you went to elementary school with ... You have to get your team to figure out the name you pick from the bowl. Kind of like Charades, but not quite. It was a testament of pure and total geeking out. What I love so much about Kurt, Chris, Bryan and George is that they are an encyclopedia of all things Star Wars, Indiana Jones and G.I. Joe. Instead of normal names like "Nancy Drew", "Karen Browning", and "JD Salinger", we had to figure out how to get people to guess names like, "Chief Ugnaught", "Mola Ram" and "Zartan". It was an evening of basking in the nerdiness of our friends.

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Mandy said...

If any of those boys becomes a rapper, their name has to be "Thuggy Guard."