Friday, August 24, 2007

Rothko and Printing Presses

Spent the day browsing the Printing Press Museum and the Rothko Chapel. There is something hypnotic about Rothko's work. And that room. Mark and I agreed that with a good comforter and a few pillows it would be heaven.

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loveisshit said...

hi--------Thanks for the picture of Rothko's chepel.I am an artist in Beijing China.And Rothko is the one who inspired me a lot during last 10 years.
And now,I am going to begin a object"Rothko's Chepel".I will also paint 14 paintings at the same size with him by my own way.
It will took me about 2 years to finish this.

Just google the image and found you from the other side of the earth.


best wishes for you----for you are one of the people who feel being in heaven before his works.

Liang yuanwei
From Beijing China.