Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Oxnard Film Festival

It's funny how you get requests to submit to festivals you never knew existed and then you forget about them. And then months later you get a "Congratulations" email.

So we'll be screening in the Oxnard Film Festival. I know it's in California somewhere. South, maybe? So if you live in Oxnard, or close to Oxnard, or if you know where Oxnard is, the film will screen, September 28th at 9:15pm.

Just now perusing the festival site, I find out that The Garage is playing too. Rusty Kelley from Dear Pillow stars.

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Anonymous said...

Oxnard, despite its name, is a lovely little town close to Los Angeles. In fact it could almost be a suburb. It would be a great location to have your film shown.