Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Business of Film and Friends

Stacy and I are in Houston for the Houston Business in Film Conference which happened yesterday. We were on a panel about preproduction with Bob Hudgins, Dave Walker and Alfred Cervantes. It's a hard panel to be on when there's only an hour to talk. You can tell people, "Be really really organized. Make lots of lists, spreadsheets, notes. Rehearse not only for actors, but also for camera. Storyboard, even if you don't use them." But getting into the nitty gritty, not so much. Hopefully we relayed a bit of wisdom and advice that will help them along their filmmaking paths.

The major highlights yesterday were sitting with our Summer Film Camp participant Savannah and her mom for 3 hours at the Jason's Deli gabbing about film, books, music and movies. It was wonderful to get to know them both. We later had dinner with Rhett and his girlfriend Leslie and talked about the Houston Zoo, Hans the Ghost and child eating Pumas. We love Rhett because he's such an angel of a human being.

All in all the best part about these little business trips is seeing good friends and my amazing family.

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