Tuesday, August 28, 2007

To Be Buried Alive

I'm being buried alive by work. Alas, it's good work. But the "things to do" list just grows and grows by the hour.

Stacy and I are moving in to a new office space in a few weeks. I'm so psyched I can't stand it. We can throw paper at each other from our desks, dance around when we get antsy and visit filmmaking friends across the hall when we need to see a fun, familiar face.

Stacy and I are experiencing major crunch time with the JOB DVDs. The subtitles are really close. Just a few changes. DVD artwork, really close. Postcard is pretty much done. What else?

If it's not the website, classes, after school programs, shorts filmmaking, FOA, it's my poor husband trying to remember what I look like. This weekend = fun in the sun, here we come.

Other good news ... my classes are filling up. And one of my good friends from college is in town shooting a History Channel segment. I get to see her sweet lovely face tomorrow night. And she gets to see Pork Chop. She was there for his birth back when we were sophmores in college. In fact I think I still have a skirt of hers in my closet that I snagged back in the day. I just won't let her see it.

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