Monday, August 13, 2007

All Things Storie

Updates ...

1) Stacy is working on our subtitles for the DVD. It's tedious and painful, but we don't have $2,000 to pay someone to do it, so yeah.
2) Lori's working on the DVD artwork, brochure artwork and a revamp of our website.
3) Our new and amazing interns Tai and Jillian are helping us with publicity and upcoming screenings for JOB.
4) Stacy and I had a pretty wonderful meeting today with the Austin School of Film folks about two projects we're working on. Yay ASF!!!
5) We'll have an Austin Chronicle story that comes out next Thursday. I even told Marc, "There's nothing exciting going on with us. Other filmmakers have cooler developments than us." But alas. Maybe they have a slow summer.
6) Meeting with Christian next week to start on the Ann Richards Film Club curriculum.
7) Had a conference call with our Brain Brawl cohorts today. Nothing exciting. Nothing devastating. Holding steady, Freddy.
8) Finalizing the drafts of the two short films I'll direct this fall. Love them!
9) Enjoying the tunes and atmosphere at Flight Path these days. They have a nice rotation of The Smiths, old REM, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Arcade Fire ...
10) Just finished reading Speak. Kind of a female version of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Will someone please let me make the film version of Perks? I promise I would do it justice. It's got my name written all over it!
11) I'm done with my mass blogging. Gotta go home and sleep.

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