Monday, July 09, 2007


When I saw the trailer ... oh ... what a let down. Huh? Rats? Cooking. It didn't look funny or sweet or imaginative like every other Pixar film. And then came the reviews. Brian gave me the first. It was a must see. Up there with Monsters Inc. and The Incredibles. Really? My hesitation quickly turned to a rush to the theater.

I loved it. I wanted to buy the DVD, race home and watch it again and again. I wanted to pour through the script. Read every word. Indulge in Brad Bird's imagination on page and then be floored at how the adventure translated to screen. I spent last week feeling like shit. Sad, antisocial, hopeless. And then a little rat and a skinny, scary critic turned me around. I was a kid again. Full of hope, excitement and wonderment. Next to Billy Madison and Monster House, this might be my new comfort film.

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