Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sleepy sleepy sleepy

I've been living at the Austin School of Film again. It feels like it at least. I'm here in the Mac lab by myself waiting for a student's project to burn onto a DVD. We're gearing up for a screening in a week and a half. I remember this time last semester and the obnoxiously late nights spent with Stacy making DVDs. Sadly, this time I don't have a friend to hang out with. It's just me and the internet while I wait.

I'm sad this semester is coming to an end. I've met yet another batch of kick ass students, both young and old. Speaking of kick ass students, Monday night I went to a read through of a feature that one of my old teen students had. He's 17, I think. He wrote a fun, teen buddy movie that had me chuckling out loud through through a good part of it. He'll be shooting it next summer. As Stacy and I were talking on the way home, we decided we really want to help him get it off the ground. However we can. We shall see. We need to do that with our own stuff too.

I've been getting awesome notes from friends on Spider in the Bathtub. And tomorrow night my writing group goes over it. I'm anxious to get my head back into that script and knock out a final draft.

Oh god, please let the DVD be done soon. Last night I got home about 10:30pm after class and my husband thought I was mad at him because I couldn't form words I was so tired. My bed time is 10pm. Shit, it's 9:46pm now. Only 78% left to go.

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