Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mom and School

My mom's in town. I've been dragging her to test projection at the Dobie, meet up with my friends, the book store. It's been fun. We have a few more days together. She'll come to my students' screening as will my mother in law who's coming to town special for it. I'm really proud of my students and what they've accomplished. I'm sad it's over again, but I'm excited about a little bit of rest.

I head to Los Angeles next week for Aaron and Debbie's wedding. And then I'll be back in time for Girl's Film Camp that Stacy and I are teaching in two weeks. AND THEN I'll have a solid month off. I'll have my nights again and my Saturdays. And then back to school in September. I'll start my Film Club at the Ann Richard's School too.

I was telling my mom that I was a little bummed that I haven't shot anything this year. But aside from that, I've accomplished a lot. I've slowly been weaning myself off of the day job and into teaching full-time. That's a pretty big thing, I guess.

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