Sunday, July 29, 2007

Last Night at the Park Plaza Lodge

We'll be heading home in the morning. It's been a wonderful visit. Highlights include:
  • Riding in an elevator with Liev Schreiber at the Beverly Center
  • Smiling at Vince Vaughn at the Farmer's Market
  • Getting called "Freeway People" by some gated community guy in Malibu that Kurt almost got into a major brawl with.
  • Seeing two friends exchange vows in Culver City in front of a small group of friends and family.
  • George's toast at the Reception
  • Eating In N Out Burger at 11pm after a long drive back from Malibu.
  • Kurt and MV seeing Dave Navarro getting into his Hummer at a Coffee Bean across from our hotel and then hearing him 10 minutes later on Indie 103.1 hosting a radio show.
  • Freaking out at Amoeba Music because it's too big and there are too many good deals. They have a friggin' used Criterion Collection section. Say what?
  • Meeting Debbie's friend who's a stand-in for Turtle on Entourage.
  • I'm sure I left something out. Oh yeah, the granola at Doughboy's which I had two days in a row.


Victor said...

Who knew Dave Navarro could be so entertaining?

So where are we off to next?

Waiting for Occupation said...

OMIGOD...if got to stand in the elevator with Liev Schreiber...i'm pretty sure that would make my year..yay! miss you! xo- M

Stacy said...

he wears those tats sooooo well....