Friday, June 08, 2007

Returning to 2001

I was explaining the new project to Deena this afternoon after a legal conference call for another project and it began to really unfold in a way that I could fully understand and fully convey. I began to write a proposal for the project this morning and continue to work on it tonight. As the days go by it becomes clearer and more defined. I know how it goes. I know how to create it. I know how to fund it. And I know how to distribute it. And most importantly I know why I need to make it.

I never found closure all those years ago with a documentary that I spent over two years of my life on. I'm not a big fan of not finishing things. But that was a project I couldn't bring myself to finish at that time for a number of reasons. And so I return to it. In a way that I can finish it. Marrying filmmaking, my newfound love for teaching and my affection for the stories of adolescents. And so I move forward with an unbridled enthusiasm and passion for what comes next.

It's 7:30pm and I've been working hard since 6am. It's time to close my computer and go back to the real world.

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