Thursday, June 28, 2007

Precocious kids

We're creating the box artwork for the jumping off bridges DVD. Because we have NO money, we're applying for a grant and looking at loans to cover all of the upfront costs of this release. I dream of the day when we have ample funds in our business account. Please god.

Brain Brawl is sitting pretty on the desks of several production companies in Los Angeles waiting for that "YES WE LOVE IT!" or "Yeah, we're not into precocious kids" reply. Strangely, we've heard that response already.

The Spider in the Bathtub is getting workshopped again next week by my new lovely, writing group. Stacy's jumped the gun and started pitching it to a few folks. We're gathering line items to figure out how much it's going to cost. It'll definitely be under a million, but because of the CG animation, we can't be as scrappy this time around. It needs some care and funds to get it just right. I'm equally excited about this project as I am about Brain Brawl. Despite the CG factor, SITB seems easier to do from some reason. Maybe it's the one location, 6 character aspect.

My new project (we'll call it FOA for now) is stirring around in my head. I've written a little bit more and will start exploring some grant opportunities soon. I'm anxious to get some free time to really sit and fine tune it more beyond my initial proposal.

Roadside USA should be out the door next week. I took a stab at tweaking the edit and Stacy worked a little bit more. But I'm crossing my fingers that it's on its way next week.

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