Sunday, June 17, 2007

Nancy Drew

After a full day of casting with my teen class, I treated myself to an afternoon screening of Nancy Drew. I wasn't going in with any big expectations, in fact quite the opposite. I loved the books growing up. They were handed down from my mom who idolized Ms. Drew. In fact back when I was still working at Book People, after I'd done my first feature cicadas, I did the research into optioning the rights for a movie version. No one had done it yet. At the time Nancy Savoca was working on a Nancy Drew project. So I tossed in the towel. Like I would've had a chance anyway.

So what did I think? Eh. There were hints of what could've been a cool project, but it got muddled in setting the story in today's world of cell phones and high tech crime fighting tools. The music was really off putting. This doesn't happen to me often, but I thought the music was sort of slapped on there and had no relation to the film at all. It really took me out when she would listen to some R&B type song on her Ipod while gathering clues. I felt like the second half was much better when we actually got into the sleuthing. I would've preferred the film to be set in the 60s with the same tone and style of the books. I will say this though, whoever did the costumes was awesome. Emma Roberts outfits were something else.

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