Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mental Health of America Texas Conference

I spent the afternoon at the Doubletree Hotel for a screening of JOB at the Mental Health of America Texas Conference. Met up with Ms. Katie Lemon for a brief Q&A after the screening. There were some nice requests to bring it to other pockets of Texas through guidance counselors, teen suicide support groups and even the juvenile justice center. We're hoping to hire an intern to take over a lot of this JOB rental stuff. That'll be SO nice!

My students at the Austin School of Film are kicking ass and taking names. I might even teach a 2-week class for AFS. Still figuring that out. My poor husband is trying to arrange us to go to Houston to see an Astros game. Not until August, my dear. This summer is crazy.

More developing on my new project. The ideas are rolling and the partnerships are forming. So yeah, we shall see. I will truly die if I don't start a new project. I'm literally having panic attacks about it. Major anxiety.

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