Thursday, May 03, 2007

In the moment

A few months ago, I was back in therapy. Sifting through emotions, sadness and my own neurosis. Something that my therapist and I unfolded was maybe why I write so much about adolescence. Why do I tell people that after college, life got a little dull. It's simple and stupid and stares me straight in the face. The whole living in the moment bit. I savored every second growing up. Basically until the time I started making movies. Then I savored the past and forgot about the present. Almost everything I've written is about childhood or being a teenager. I've become a little more compelled to write about my 30s. I'm anxious to start a family now and so I write about families and being on the other side of children. Oh my. It's always a struggle. To live in the moment. To widen my eyes beyond my computer screen.

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