Monday, May 07, 2007

Hornswoggle Forever

It was one year ago today that we said, "I do". God, it goes by so fast. We got lots of well wishes and sweet notes from friends and family.

I spent the afternoon with my kids at the Odyssey School. We have good days and bad days together. This was a good one. They had me laughing so hard, I thought I might throw up. We put together a silly little comedy, written by, directed by, edited by and starring all of them. I wish I could be there the night they screen it for their parents and friends.

Mark got tricked into a night of script revisions. He read SITB last night. So after our anniversary pizza we hung out at Jo's for a few hours, working on the latest draft. Little did I know, I have a kick ass cowriter under my roof. What a perfect collaborator. He had me busting a gut with his ideas and witty dialogue. My boy's so friggin' funny.

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