Thursday, April 26, 2007

Good Day #3

Friends, Friends and more Friends. Yesterday was a day of hanging out with friends. From a 3-hour lunch with the Eve of Understanding girls to coffee with Brad and a long dinner with Katharyn and Aaron.

It's pretty funny because I'll organize these get togethers in Austin at the Driskill for everyone to meet everyone and find ways to work with each other. I feel like next time around I need to do that in Los Angeles. All of my friends in LA have connections to each other in small, random ways. This friend wants to write for this magazine that this friend used to write for. Or this friend LOVED this friend's performance in something. It's all over the map and I love that. So next time, group hang out. Stacy once said that if I wasn't a filmmaker, I'd be someone who brings people together. I'm not sure what that means or if you could get paid for it or not, but it'd be cool. I like seeing good people finding other good people.

Today the last of a few meetings and then heading to the airport to come home. I miss my boy and my cat.

I've already made hotel reservations for our next trip in July.


JP said...

It was great to see you! Fun!

David Lowery said...

If you have time in July, we'll have to hang out in LA. I'll probably be in need of a little bit of Texas at that point. Maybe you can bring me a box of dirt.