Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Good Day #2

Good Day #2 Ruled! We started off with a nice run through West Hollywood, a little work back at the hotel and then headed to Universal Studios to meet up with Wendy and Bryan. We had lunch and then got a nice VIP tour of the back lot. Probably the coolest thing was seeing the stage where they shot Sunset Boulevard. I got so excited I bounced up and down in my seat like a little kid. Getting to see all of the sound stages and sets for things like War of the Worlds and Psycho made me want to work on huge, big, blockbuster films. I felt 10 again. I absolutely loved it. After they gave us a special tour, they got us in to the theme park where we rode a few rides and sat and watched old episodes of I Love Lucy.

Tonight we had dinner with my cousin. She got a fellowship with ABC and Disney and is working on a TV pilot. We talked at length about co-writing a project. What would be really cool would be turning in a script that said "Written by Julia Candler and Kat Candler". We came up with some fun, cool ideas that go back to films like The Goonies and Gremlins. I need something new to work on so it'll be a fun adventure.

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