Thursday, April 12, 2007

But I'm from Texas

Brain Brawl is on a rampage. It's got all kinds of momentum. Yeah, we wanted to be shooting this summer, but it's alright. It's coming. Finished up the very last draft for our wonderful people and now it's off and running. It's as tight as it's gonna get.

Tomorrow I'll make another pass at The Spider in the Bathtub. I want to get it out there too.

I've learned a lot these past few weeks. About shopping scripts, agents, protocol ... I'm feeling like I really need to learn all of this stuff fast. I'm making a few blunders as I go and getting reprimanded for it. I don't like being reprimanded by industry folk. I want to say, "But I don't know these things. I'm from Texas. Cut me some slack.". But that excuse won't hold up much longer.

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