Monday, April 30, 2007

Christian Got Glasses Today!!!

My nephew got glasses today. He's so cute I can't stand it. He also looks just like Ralphie Parker, it makes me giggle.

Las Vegas and Fort Worth Screenings, Thursday, May 3rd

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Please join the UNLV Jean Nidetch Women's Center as we host "Jumping Off Bridges" - a movie on the stigma reduction of suicide.
DATE: Thursday - May 3rd, 2007
TIME: 6:00pm
LOCATION: Student Union Theatre
Refreshments will be provided. We hope to see you there!
Any questions, please contact Tracye Ditmore at 895-0689

Lone Star Film Society

7 p.m. Thursday
Rose Marine Theater (1440 N. Main St.)
Fort Worth, TX


Rescue Me at Jo's Coffeeshop

RESCUE ME directed by Stacy Schoolfield
Screens at Jo's Coffeeshop (1300 S Congress)
Friday, May 4th at 8:30pm

A benefit for local rescue groups and spay/neuter programs
Q&A afterwards with some of the local animal rescue “heroes” and a rep.
Suggested donation is $10.

For More information:
And here:

Friday, April 27, 2007

Good Days Back at Home

Seeing my husband waiting by baggage claim late last night made me so happy to be home. I do have a newfound affection for Los Angeles, but my heart runs all over Austin.

We spent a nice last day with Richard and Ariana at my favorite LA breakfast spot Doughboy's. I love it so much. And then met up with a mutual friend Mike Johnson. Mike's working with some of the same folks we're working with on Brain Brawl on his next project.

Today I caught up on a bunch of work. I'm trying to get The Spider in the Bathtub ready to submit to a few screenplay competitions.

This afternoon had a nice chat with Alison Macor about women in film and speaking to her class next week. And then this afternoon I came across this article in The New York Times.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Good Day #3

Friends, Friends and more Friends. Yesterday was a day of hanging out with friends. From a 3-hour lunch with the Eve of Understanding girls to coffee with Brad and a long dinner with Katharyn and Aaron.

It's pretty funny because I'll organize these get togethers in Austin at the Driskill for everyone to meet everyone and find ways to work with each other. I feel like next time around I need to do that in Los Angeles. All of my friends in LA have connections to each other in small, random ways. This friend wants to write for this magazine that this friend used to write for. Or this friend LOVED this friend's performance in something. It's all over the map and I love that. So next time, group hang out. Stacy once said that if I wasn't a filmmaker, I'd be someone who brings people together. I'm not sure what that means or if you could get paid for it or not, but it'd be cool. I like seeing good people finding other good people.

Today the last of a few meetings and then heading to the airport to come home. I miss my boy and my cat.

I've already made hotel reservations for our next trip in July.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Good Day #2

Good Day #2 Ruled! We started off with a nice run through West Hollywood, a little work back at the hotel and then headed to Universal Studios to meet up with Wendy and Bryan. We had lunch and then got a nice VIP tour of the back lot. Probably the coolest thing was seeing the stage where they shot Sunset Boulevard. I got so excited I bounced up and down in my seat like a little kid. Getting to see all of the sound stages and sets for things like War of the Worlds and Psycho made me want to work on huge, big, blockbuster films. I felt 10 again. I absolutely loved it. After they gave us a special tour, they got us in to the theme park where we rode a few rides and sat and watched old episodes of I Love Lucy.

Tonight we had dinner with my cousin. She got a fellowship with ABC and Disney and is working on a TV pilot. We talked at length about co-writing a project. What would be really cool would be turning in a script that said "Written by Julia Candler and Kat Candler". We came up with some fun, cool ideas that go back to films like The Goonies and Gremlins. I need something new to work on so it'll be a fun adventure.

CHALK comes to theaters

Go see CHALK. You won't be disappointed.


Release Dates:
May 11 Los Angeles, CA -- Nuart Theatre
May 18 Austin, TX -- Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar
May 25 Dallas, TX -- The Magnolia
May 25 Chicago, IL -- Century Centre Theatre
May 25 Philadelphia, PA -- The Ritz
Jun 1 St. Louis, MO -- Tivoli Theatre
Jun 15 NY, NY -- Sunshine Cinema
Jun 15 Atlanta, GA -- Midtown Art Cinema

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Good Day #1

Despite getting two ... count them ... two parking tickets for a total of $70, we had a pretty great day. Lots of Brain Brawl meetings stuff. And then dinner with Courtney Davis, who we love and adore.

Tomorrow means, Kat and Stacy get to meet up with Wendy English and then play at Universal Studios!!! Hello Back to the Future ride!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

LA Bound

Headed to LA this morning. Getting things moving.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Words don't do it justice.

Words can't do justice to how I feel right now. I cried on the way home from my student's screening. To see their faces, their excitement and their pride was priceless. To see their ideas come to life on screen and to share that with an audience really changed them and me. I could see the fire in their eyes, ready to do the next one. I'm gonna miss those guys in a big way. I start a new class up in a week and a half. But I still want to savor the success of these guys for a little while.

Friday, April 20, 2007

To hell and back

Yesterday was hell. Working off of two hours of sleep I come to find out the DVD that we made looked like crap after all that. So spent the day running around figuring out what to do. Came to a simple, easy solution after a lot of stress and almost tears. I feel better about it. I'm still nervous that something will go wrong. It's almost worst than if it was my own project. I just want my students to have the best possible screening. They worked so hard. Last night I got 9 solid hours of sleep and feel more coherent. Next time, I hire someone to do all of this. I shouldn't pretend to be technical when I'm not. I'm good with a pen and paper, but not with firewire cables, compression and aspect ratios.

A friend sent this and it makes me laugh.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

In the wee hours of delirium

Little did I know I'd be at the Austin School of Film from 10pm - 3:30am last night finishing up the DVDs for my students' screening on Saturday. With that said, much goofiness happens in the wee hours of the morning when you feel drunk from being up WAY past your bed time (10pm).

So what goes on while Stacy and Kat wait for things to render, compress, and compile? And they don't have access to the internet because Kat forgot the password and the ten other wireless accounts are all blocked? They document their boredom with their Mac Book PhotoBooth software.

Weaving Worlds at Cine Las Americas

Support our friends and their fantastic film!

TricksterFilms is pleased to announce the screening date of their documentary film WEAVING WORLDS at the Cine Las Americas Festival in Austin, Texas.

WEAVING WORLDS highlights the untold stories of the personalities and characters involved in the making and selling of Navajo rugs. The film presents a compelling and intimate portrait of economic and cultural survival through the art of weaving in the face of increased globalization. Director BENNIE KLAIN has a keen and compassionate eye, and he allows viewers into the world of indigenous artists and their struggle to maintain pride and cultural vitality through creating their textiles and “reweaving the world.” The result is a poignant digital portrait of Navajo artisans and their unique—and often controversial—relationship with white Reservation traders.

WEAVING WORLDS screens at the Hideout Theatre on Sunday, April 22 at 4pm.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Last Classes and Snotty Noses

Tomorrow night is the last class of my Spring semester of film classes. I've been living at the film school for the past week and will continue to do so as I prepare their final screening DVD. These guys have been amazing. I can't wait to see what they do next. And how they grow. I've almost filled up my next round that starts May 1st. I do need a little time to breathe in between though. A little time to pet my cat's belly and stare at a wall. This summer will be insane. I've created the madness myself and claim full responsibility. I just hope I don't drop the ball on anything.

Oh yeah, I'm sick too. I think I caught it at my niece's princess birthday party last Saturday. Lots of little snotty noses running around. I want so bad to call in to work tomorrow but a stupid workshop won't let me. Damn day jobs!!! Damn them!!!! DAMN THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

JOB Screenings

Upcoming Screenings of jumping off bridges:

4/23 - Denver, CO - Regis University, 7:30pm
4/30 - Lancaster, PA - Penn Cinema, 7:00pm
5/3 - Las Vegas, NV - University of Las Vegas
5/3 - Fort Worth, TX - Rose Marine Theater
5/17 - Atlanta, GA - Carter Center

Friday, April 13, 2007

Vonnegut and my silly crush

I hated living in Boston the fall I turned 18. It was my freshman year at Emerson College and I dreaded my 8am, Monday - Friday acting class with my British (you have to relive every bad experience you've had to be a good actor) acting teacher. So over Christmas break, I told my parents I wasn't going back. I came home to Florida and took a semester off.

I spent that semester at the Jacksonville Beach public library for two reasons. I discovered Kurt Vonnegut and was on a mission to read everything he'd written. And I developed a silly crush on one of the librarians.

Mr. Vonnegut's worlds were like nothing I'd ever experienced. Over those several months, I devoured everything from Mother Night to Slapstick. And about my silly crush? We never exchanged more than a few sentences ... "Do you have your library card?" "Here you go." "All right you're good to go!" But wouldn't you know it, we ended up at the same college in Tallahassee years later. AND he married a friend. AND he lives back in Jacksonville, has a little girl named Dorian and works at the Jacksonville public library.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

The music licenses are done! The music licenses are done!

So I know that I'm the first to lecture folks about getting their licenses finalized first and foremost. And we mistakenly thought we'd taken care of it. The thing I tried so hard to avoid kicked us in the butt big time. So we got the very last two by fax today!!! What does that mean? We can finally sign the educational distribution deal that we wanted to sign back in January, but couldn't because of the outstanding music licenses! So yea for us! Yea for DVDs coming soon!!!

But I'm from Texas

Brain Brawl is on a rampage. It's got all kinds of momentum. Yeah, we wanted to be shooting this summer, but it's alright. It's coming. Finished up the very last draft for our wonderful people and now it's off and running. It's as tight as it's gonna get.

Tomorrow I'll make another pass at The Spider in the Bathtub. I want to get it out there too.

I've learned a lot these past few weeks. About shopping scripts, agents, protocol ... I'm feeling like I really need to learn all of this stuff fast. I'm making a few blunders as I go and getting reprimanded for it. I don't like being reprimanded by industry folk. I want to say, "But I don't know these things. I'm from Texas. Cut me some slack.". But that excuse won't hold up much longer.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Film Classes Filling Up Fast!

Tuesdays, 6:30pm – 9:00pm
12 Weeks - May 1st , 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, June 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, July 3rd, July 10th, July 17th, FINAL SCREENING - July 21st
The Austin School of Film - 906 E. 5th Street, Suite 106, Austin, TX
Tuition - $550
For more information:

Wednesdays, 6:30pm – 8:30pm AND Saturdays, 10am – 12pm
6 Weeks - May 30th, June 2nd, 6th, 9th, 13th, 16th, 20th, 23rd, 27th and 30th, July 7th, FINAL SCREENING - July 21 st
The Austin School of Film - 906 E. 5th Street, Suite 106, Austin, TX
Tuition - $550
Ages - 12 - 19
For more information:

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mr. Perry

I love this guy. Despite never seeing any of his films, I will sing his praises up and down. I think he's really cool. And smart as the dickens.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Record Time

7:30am until 5pm. I sat at Quacks all day long. And then a walk and two hours at Zen where I read another script. I think it might be a record day. I'm trying to work really really hard and get through my list of things to do so I can go to the movies on Sunday. I have 4 scripts left to read, a proposal to put together, a Monday shoot to prepare for, quarterly taxes, a class to teach and a husband to kiss on the cheek.

Law and Order's on, gotta go.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Discovering Notes

I've heard from friends about these so called "notes". When you're aligned with a producer or production company you become at the mercy of their notes. Luckily I'm getting good notes, but nonetheless, you think you're done and then ... more "notes". Argh. Please let these be the last of them.

A New O'Connell

A HUGE congratulations to Joe O'Connell and his newest addition. I can't wait to meet him.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders

Yesterday, Stacy and I took the afternoon shift at the Orientation for the girls accepted into The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. Michelle took the morning shift. We had our flyers advertising the After School Film Club, the Summer Camp and the film elective. Watching all of these girls, eyes, beaming with excitement and anticipation was magical. I have super high hopes for this school and the girls that go through it. I can't say that I wish I had something similar growing up because my school was pretty special in and of itself. But I love that Ann Richards' legacy will live on through these girls.