Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Little Apples

It's early, early, early. About to head out on a morning walk/run.

Life's been non-stop for the past week. So many of my students have been shooting their shorts. So I've been jumping from set to set boom operating, observing, smiling. I've been helping students edit their projects and watch their rough cuts for feedback. All the while trying to squeeze in my own work, like another slightly nuanced draft of Brain Brawl which I'll wrap up by the end of the week. And in the discussion stages of a cool project Stacy and I might tackle with a friend.

My laptop late last week bit the dust so I've been at the mercy of Stacy's little Apple. Losing your computer is like lopping off a limb. You feel helpless and broken. So I ordered a new little Apple of my own, hopefully to get here this week. I will love it and cherish it and be good to it. And hopefully it'll help me grow.

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