Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Good Machine

This is really lame, but I've always idolized the old triad of Ted Hope, Ang Lee and James Schamus. They were my heroes. I always thought back in the Good Machine days they were a complete force to be reckoned with, artistically and as a company.

Ted Hope responded to the Recommended Reading blog that Scott Macaulay posted the other day. This is my geeky fan girl coming out. Just the fact that Ted Hope read my name on that blog entry sent me into a tizzy. It's funny the people that leave you a little weak in the knees.

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JP said...

I, too, have a fondness for Ted Hope. Some of my favorite motivating things he's said -
1)On the overwhelming task of independent producing - Each day do something to make your film inevitable.
2)How to view investors - Investing in film is a bold creative act. - AND - See each no as a future yes.

I read a random article just yesterday of his in the VVoice. The guy's got good rhetoric...