Thursday, March 15, 2007

Faith and Humanity

We had a nice review come out in the March issue of Counseling Today. As a result we're getting a flurry of requests for more screenings.

About to start the next draft of the spider script. Stacy and Mark are supposed to get me feedback by the end of the day. I want to have something new to send out next week to a select few.

Saw Mike Tully's Silver Jew yesterday. It inspired me to rethink my notion that I don't like making documentaries. I really enjoyed the film and remembered why I love the Silver Jews. Thanks Mr. Tully for making a sweet glimpse into David's journey. It brought up a lot of good thoughts about faith and humanity.

Karen and a gazillion other friends arrived Wednesday in time for the music madness. I needed to see Karen in a big way.

Hoping to catch up on some work work today. Have a lot of scripts left to read for a screenwriting fellowship I'm judging. I've read one out of ten so far. I'm using SXSW as an excuse for my slackness.

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