Sunday, February 04, 2007

Tallahassee Screening Recap

Here's a recap of last night's screening from my friend Jeff Peters who organized the whole thing.

"I just got back from the two showings at All Saints Cinema. Despite the very frigid weather, subject matter and competing events at the Civic Center and elsewhere, we had a good crowd. There were really good discussions following each showing especially after the 7:30 showing - a lot of audience participations and discussion. A very close friend of mine who signed on as a co-sponsor was at the 5:30 showing. She loved the film. I sat next to her the entire time as I was a little worried about how she would feel. Her brother killed himself last year. The film really spoke to her and she was glad we brought it back. There were several people at each showing who had had similar experiences.

The rep from 211 Big Bend had not seen the film in October and was blown away by the film. She discussed with me and with the audience how realistic the film was and talked about Zack's friend Eric not knowing what to say or how to offer support. She was very enthusiastic. She stayed for both showings and had even more positive things to say after the seeing it a second time. The Pastor from my UCC church came to the 5:30 showing and she was just enthralled with the film. I think some UCC (United Church of Christ - large liberal non-denominational church) people may be interested in screening it in other cities perhaps. I'll let you know. I expect we may be hearing about it in a future sermon. There was great applause at the end of the film. People remained quiet all through the end credits - the talk was real positive and people were already asking when Brain Brawl would be finished."

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