Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Polka Dotted Monsters

What I love most about teaching so far is getting inspired by my students. They have all these crazy, wonderful ideas. Yesterday in my Odyssey School after school program, the boys were so quiet. I got a little nervous at how quiet they were. I gave them worksheets to flesh out each scene from their scripts. They scribbled furiously. They'd look into the air, search for the right word, the right description or bit of dialogue and then scribble some more. Almost an entire hour went by that they barely said a word. And when they did, it was "What do you think about this? Or how do I say such and such? Or does this count as a new scene?" They made me want to bring my own pencil and paper and scribble my own ideas (God, I should totally have done that). My husband asked what I did while they were writing. Watched them and got tickled at how great it was that they were writing about secret agent spies and polka dotted monsters in the woods.

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Lorie said...

Isn't it super-delicious to say, "my husband?" Especially when he's such a coolio guy. :)