Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lima Beans, Collard Greens, Peachy Keen

Tonight Mark and I have a date with my niece/BFF, Bella, age 2 1/2. We'll recreate Cinderella and dance around to "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt". Bella is in a princess/Cinderella phase right now. She runs in circles around the house screaming "I'm running down the stairs, I'm running down the stairs!" And then she runs up to us, "I lost my slipper?!?" Later in the night, we'll pretend to be Cinderella's evil step mother and rip Bella's dress to shreds. Bella will race into the kitchen and throw herself to the ground (very dramatically) and pretend to cry. After a few seconds, she'll sidle up with that upset look in her eye. I'll have to pretend to be her Fairy Godmother and wave an invisible wand through the air and tap her on the head. This, you see, will give her a brand new, beautiful princess dress. And then we repeat this many, many times throughout the night. I will admit though, it's better than the time she pretended to poop all over the kitchen floor and then made Mark pretend to step in every single pile.

Ooh, maybe we'll get to watch Veggie Tales! I LOVE Veggie Tales! Have you heard the theme song? It's classic! "Lima Beans, Collard Greens, Peachy Keen, Veggie Tales!"


Leslie Langee said...

My guys still love veggie tales and I still sing this veggie tale song to them:

Think of me everyday.
Hold tight to what I say.
And I'll be close to you, even from far away.

Know that where ever you are,
it is never too far,
if you think of me,
I'll be with you.

Kat Candler said...

I just learned the Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart song last night. And the french cheeseburger song too!

myumblog said...

oh my god...ya'll are so cute!!! i love it! xo- M

Laura said...

thanks for babysitting Kat and for the very accurate description of my princess. :) She's nutty!