Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How do I procrastinate? Let me count the ways.

I've been stuck on the ending of The Spider in the Bathtub for a few days now. I'll write for a bit, get caught up in a web (no pun intended) of muckity muck and stop. So here's what I've been doing today to procrastinate.

1) Caught up on all the blog links from my blog. Basically found out what my friends are up to.
2) Did today and yesterday's crossword.
3) Stared out the window at the joggers and Fresh Plus shoppers.
4) Smacked my Orbitz Sweet Mint gum.
5) Listened in on my neighbors conversations about their frog shaped iced butter cookies in the shape of a frog and the film project that their working on.
6) Debated over and over again in my head about whether to get my own frog shaped iced butter cookie.
7) Chatted with my husband over email about what we'll do on our date tonight and whether he should come to Atlanta with me for the Carter screenings.

What's sad is that I only have about 10 pages left to sift through before I can start at the beginning again. Shit, ok, I'm going back to work. Blagh.

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