Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hills, hills, hills and then some more hills

The Half Marathon proved to be quite difficult this year. Again, the designer of the course must have had a grudge against someone running the race. It was hill after hill after hill. You'd catch your breath for a half a mile and then see another hill down the road. With that said though, I finished in about 2 hours. And that felt really good. I hoped to finish in less than a ten minute mile and came in well under that. Of course, I felt like throwing up after the last two hills, but just ran it off. Yea!

What was the best part though, was going back after a shower with Stacy and Maggie and cheering on the marathoners. I clapped so hards my hands bled. I yelled and screamed people's names, "You can do it Joe!" "Only 3 more blocks, Alice!" "Lookin' good, Jennifer!" "Almost there, Oscar!" maybe a million times. You'd see the smiles and the thumbs up from the runners. I just remember how desperately I needed a shout or a friend's face or to just hear my name at the end. It kept me going.

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