Saturday, February 03, 2007

Geeet it!

So this morning I was finishing up mile 10 when I heard a scuttle in the leaves. I turned to find a squirrel attacking a styrofoam puffy cup. Wrestling it to the ground. The squirrel had the cup by the gut and used its legs to kick it while it was down. I couldn't help but giggle the last half mile. Geeet it!

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Stacy said...

In my very own backyard today, a squirrel tried to make off with a dog chewie, you know, the kind you put treats in..Roy and Cowgirl didn't even notice, thanks to their new soup bones. I stepped outside, said, "get it.." and Cowgirl chased the squirrel away.
I looked out later and the chew toy is gone, probably up in a tree, smart little squirrel.