Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fry's = Brazil

Stepping into Fry's to buy a hard drive this afternoon felt like stepping into Terry Gilliam's Brazil. As I stood at the check out line waiting 10 minutes to get my check approved, all of these generic workers in white shirts and black ties shuffled around cubicles and desks swapping papers and holding clipboards. I couldn't figure out what they were doing exactly, but they seemed to have a lot of meaningless purpose, if that makes sense.


matt said...

you are SO lucky, our closest fry's is in Atlanta. I love that place. next time you are there pick me up a Intel Core 2 duo e4300 combo deal with the ECS mobo. Actually I dont need on but my friend Howard almost drove to ATL for one last weekend

Brian Satterwhite said...

Kat, This post is hillarious! Fry's gives me the creeps. I blacklisted them about four years ago for a battery of egregious indiscretions. Haven't stepped foot inside since.