Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Best Best Boy

Had a lovely lunch with Mike Akel and Chris Mass yesterday. Mike and I were discussing duking it out for best emerging filmmaker or whatever the title is on We decided to come up with a few new categories. So please read through and let us know who you think fits the bill. And if you have additional categories, by all means.

1. Nicest Director to a Boom Operator?
2. Best Directed Extras in a Film?
3. Best Best Boy?
4. Fastest P.A. in Central Texas?
5. Best Dressed Dolly Grip?
6. Best Continuity in a Smoking Scene?
7. Most Vegan Friendly Craft Services Spread?
8. Cutest Couple in the Art Department?
9. Script Supervisor Most Likely to Write an Oscar Winning Film in 5 years?
10. Best Pan to Tilt to Dolly to Crane move in an Austin film?

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