Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Already getting overwhelmed

I stood in line for almost two hours yesterday for SXSW wristbands for a friend of a friend. It means the beginning of a nutty two weeks.

Already I'm scheduling coffee dates, beer time (I don't even drink) and lunches with friends and acquaintances making the long trip to Austin, TX. I'm really looking forward to some face time with old friends and new ones. It's nice not to have a film this year and be treading water with press, publicity and all that insanity that goes with a big premiere.

But my ultimate priorities lie in seeing my best friend Karen and working with my teen class. Karen will be here for a week to retrieve some belongings and visit. My teen class will mostly be shooting during their Spring Break and I plan to be on set for as much as I can. My loyalties run deep with those guys. They've put in so much hard work and I'm excited to see their visions come to screen.

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karen said...

I can't wait to see you too! I'm hoping maybe we can squeeze a walk/run at Central Market into our schedules somewhere!