Tuesday, January 02, 2007

20th Century Fox Theme Song

New Years at Kurt and Meredith's was sweet. Mandy and Victor flew in last minute. All of our friends sat around the Volk house chatting, catching up and eating frito pies. I nearly lost myself when I stumbled onto a conversation between Mandy, Mark and Stacy about the use of semicolons and commas. But after giggling a bit, I found myself completely intrigued. I learned a thing or two that night. Of course, the sleep gods were upon me and I was out cold around 11:15pm. No crazy Zellner bash for me this year. Although I'm sure it would've been a night to remember. Those crazy Zellner boys.

I mentioned to Mark yesterday before some previews at the Gateway theater how going to the movies lately has flooded me with memories of childhood. Every time I hear the 20th Century Fox theme song, I start to cry. Yesterday was no different.

Thank god for January 2nd and people coming back to work. So much of what I've needed to do has been dependent on people checking their emails and being in their offices. I've never been more excited for a vacation to end.

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