Monday, December 11, 2006

This Filmmaking Community of Mine

I was absolutely delighted to see a bunch of short films at The Austin Film School during their "open mic night" last night. From a beautifully shot music video about a couple in a car to this teenager making a documentary about hipsters doing tricks on bikes in an Oltorf parking garage. The quality and creativity took me for a loop. And quite honestly, the open and embracing environment that Karl and The Austin Film School create for people to come test out their films blew me away. Everyone had wonderful things to say about everyone else. Other filmmakers were sincere in their constructive criticism, thinking of how to better each project.

Along the same lines, Stacy and I hosted a small producer/filmmaker ladies' brunch over the weekend that brought different filmmaking circles into the same room. The women left with ideas of working with each other and going out for coffee to get to know one another later on. We swapped stories about yoga instructors and made plans to see movies. We shared advice on producing, distributing, budgeting. This is what I love about this place. This is what I love about this filmmaking community of mine. We're growing up together. We're looking out for one another. Each filmmakers success in this town is everyone else's success.

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