Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Slow but steady

Things are a little slow around here. We're in a holding pattern for several projects. I love the holiday season, more than any other season, BUT everything comes to a standstill by early to mid-December.

We'll be shooting a promo for Roadside Texas in January/February. We're solidifying the treatment with Barbara and getting really excited about it.

Brain Brawl is heading in a few different directions. Again, holding pattern. But every avenue is really promising and involves great people.

We're continuing to set up screenings with jumping off bridges. We're also in "get distribution" mode. We've been talking to lots of folks and hoping that we have a foreign sales agent and educational distributor locked down by January.

In other more personal fronts ... I'm working on putting together some film programs with various organizations in town for next year. I'm meeting some wonderful folks in non-profits around town. My eyes are being opened to another world it seems.

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