Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I'm ready for the holidays. I've completed all gift buying. Everything needed to be mailed has been mailed.

While in Houston with Mark's family over the holidays, I have some research assignments for our Documentary Series. We'll be shooting a promo in January when Barbara comes down from New York. I have to do some preliminary scouts in Houston. It's a fun assignment. One that I might take the whole family on.

I'll also be writing a proposal for a community based project that I'm creating. Knock on wood it comes together because it'll be super cool.

And I need to firm up the outline for my Spring Classes. I have most of the outlines plotted out already, but I need to fill in some blanks here and there.

Still in distribution conversations with jumping off bridges. We're finalizing a Study Guide to go along with the film for educational purposes. Now we're getting educational distributors urging us to bring it down to an hour. Argh. I'm about to put my foot down. Seriously. It's getting a bit frustrating. Yes, we never intended this, yes, it's been great, but an hour? C'mon!

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