Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Austin Community College Police Officers Scare Me

I meant to write about this, but Stacy beat me to it.

In her words ...

I had a brush with the law today, friends.
Yes, Kat, my partner in crime and I were together on this one.

Trouble makers, that's us. Always thumbing our noses at authority, challenging the social order, flaunting our freedoms.

We were trying to figure out where to park at ACC Riverside campus. We were due to speak at a class soon and were confused by the parking situation. We saw a police officer, "He can help us!"

That's when the trouble started, in an almost empty ACC parking lot, not many people, not much danger lurking, not that we can see anyway.

I pulled next to the patrol car, rolled my window down and said, "Hi there, Can you help us? We aren't sure where to park, we're here to speak at a class and..."

He was chewing. Chewing and glaring.

Officer: You just broke the law. Did you know that? You passed a vehicle on the right side and that is in violation of traffic code.

Me: I'm sorry. I wanted to ask you a question. I'm sorry.

Officer: Well, (smirk in his voice) I can help you with that, but first I need to let you know that passing on the right is against the law for a reason. (something about traffic codes and all again.)

Me: I didn't mean to break the law.

Officer: Park. Go in that building and sign in. BRING YOUR LICENSE PLATE NUMBER if you don't, you WILL GET A VIOLATION, I promise you that.

Me: Okay, Thank you sir. (weak smile)

I looked at Kat, I try hard to not laugh, I laugh when I'm tense and I'm starting to see how funny all this is, but I can feel the officer staring at me and my window is still down.

(Kat and I confer quietly.)
Me: Do I back up? I can't pass him on the right more, he might arrest me.
Kat: Maybe back up like you're going to park, then quick turn around and leave?

That's what we did. We didn't sign in, we didn't park in the lot. We parked on the street.

Watch out for unhappy cops. Somewhere at ACC Riverside, there is a cop who really wants to be a cowboy or a rockstar, maybe even a detective. He's not happy, we can tell you that.

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Anonymous said...

aww..we're not ALL that bad...come to rio grande!