Monday, November 27, 2006

The Tree of "Whoa"

There's a new running joke in my family about the Tree of "Whoa". I caught my dad half asleep, half watching Conan the Barbarian on Thursday morning. I should actually mention that my mom is a HUGE Arnold Schwarzenegger fan. And cyborg fan. She loves any movie with Arnold or cyborgs. With that said, she owns all the Conans on VHS. Well in this one particular scene in Conan the Barbarian, James Earl Jones sentences Conan to get tied to the Tree of Woe. I don't know why, but this sent me into a fit of giggles. I couldn't stop laughing. So for the rest of our Thanksgiving vacation we kept threatening each other with the Tree of "Whoa".

Thanksgiving Weekend Highlights

*My family. God bless the Candlers. We're a strange bunch, but the coolest family ever.
*Visiting Amasita in St. Augustine.
*My mom pushing me around super fast in a stroller through the busy St. George Street in St. Augustine while the rest of the family tried on armour and swords from a weird Dungeons and Dragons shop.
*Toasting Robert Altman before our Thanksgiving Dinner.
*My nephew Christian's snotty nose. It never stopped running.
*Dinner in Tallahassee with Dan, Jeannine and Jeff.

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mom said...

Yes, our weird, wonderful family of Candlers...was such a treat for me......on Thanksgiving. I love it when everyone gets a little silly. Those are the kinds of things that make great memories. My husband and I are still tossing around the Tree of Woe thingie and it brings laughs and giggles when we try to explain to those who don't.......get it! It is my wish for all of you in this season of giving and sharing that you too find someone to share your treasures it family or monies, or just plain time. It will make you happy. Love to all. Mama Candler